Measuring our cities economies after dark

A landmark report released today by the National Local Government Drug and Alcohol Committee examines the size and nature of the Australian night time economy. Night time activity is an important and diverse part of the Australian economy and our Cities aspire to provide well managed, diverse, vibrant and safe environments that appeal to a wide cross section of their communities.

The report will inform local government planning in order to activate night time economic development and business activity, whilst bringing the night time economy into focus as an important sector with a range of activity that provides jobs, revenue and services to the public.  The report also provides an evidence base to allow the businesses and social activity operating in this sector to be perceived as a vital contributor to the Australian economy, and not just a social 
Nick Heath, Chair of the National Local Government Drug and Alcohol Committee (NLGDAAC) on releasing AustralianNight Time Economy – a first analysis announced “this is the first time a study of night time economy in Australia’s major cities has been produced, and builds on City of Sydney’s initiative of 2011”.   
“This report will be valuable for use by local government in better understanding the role of night time services as an economy, and in providing the relevant support to ensure that it continues to effectively deliver vibrancy, jobs, income and taxes, relaxation and value to the urban space for the enjoyment of those who wish to participate in it” said Nick 
“The report provides a clear view of the economic role in the local area, including the numbers of establishments and employment; changes in types of activity; estimations of the nature of businesses and the value of the night time economy compared to the total local economy.” 
The analysis identifies the parts cities play in the economy and provides the beginnings of comparison in performance. 
At the national level, highlights of the report show that the Australian night time economy:   
  • Is valued at $92 billion in 2011 – an increase of 8.2% compared to 2009 
  • 3.33% of the total Australian economy in 2011 is generated by core night time activity 
  • Supported approximately 92,000 Australian businesses during 2011 – 4.7% of all businesses 
  • Employs almost one million Australians - 8.4% of all Australian employees – an increase of 6.9% since 2009 
  • Food services are the main component of local night time economy activity  
A copy of the report is available here: Australian Night Time Economy: a first analysis
For further information please contact: 
Spokesperson – Nick Heath, NLGDAAC Chair, (General Manager, Hobart City Council) 0407 405 965  
Media contact – Council of Capital City Lord Mayors, Deborah Wilkinson, 0433 096 450 


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